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The best thing about my job is that...

I show you your beauty, which you often

you don't recognize yourself!

Roy Menezes Inhaber der Friseursalon , Pose Hairlounge in Köln

Roy, Menezes

Owner - master hairdresser

I completed my first training as a hairdresser in Brazil in 2008, and in 2011 I decided to move to Germany.  Here, in addition to learning the new language, I also had to repeat the hairdressing training in order to do justice to the German training system and quality standards. I started my training at Michaelis Barber in Cologne/Weiden. I was even able to complete this as one of the ten best hairdressers in Cologne. I spent five wonderful years there, during which I was allowed to work and learn in a team.

With more than ten years of professional experience in Brazil and Germany, I opened my first salon in 2018, where I was able to gain entrepreneurial experience.


In 2020 it was finally done. When I was awarded the title of master hairdresser by the Chamber of Crafts in Cologne, I started my project with all my strength and experience and with many regular customers at my side: Pose Hairlounge

"There are so many hairdressers in town, but..." 

there is little real talent. I can't think of anything other than finishing off her hair. And that's my talent!


My motto:

Anything done from the conviction of the heart will always be good and successful.


The hairstyle is only optimal if the cut, advice and result are carried out in harmony. On the other hand, a hairstyle is perfect if you can manage the new styling yourself in front of your own mirror the day after your visit.


Sincerely yours

"Roy" Menezes

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